Our product

CPHSMILE is the new leading product on the market which helps make your teeth whiter. Our recommended toothpaste contains a formula that has been specially developed to remove plaque and discolouration. Furthermore, the toothpaste prevents the teeth from damage.

Why us

  • Our toothpaste removes discoloration, hides stains and gives you whiter teeth

  • Using the science behind color correction

  • Non-invasive treatment (does not penetrate the teeth)

  • V34 is the most concentrated of all our products

White teeth

White teeth

White teeth can give you a more professional appearance because they signal health and care. Discolouration and yellow teeth can give the impression of poor hygiene and lack of care, while white teeth can give a positive first impression.


To you

To you

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile that lights up because of white teeth. Your teeth are an important part of you, and an attractive smile helps to promote your self-confidence. V34 is the new leading product that gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to have a beautiful smile with white teeth.

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